Corporate Recruitment



  • Companies hire people with the apparent skills to provide a high quality of service to their customers, yet they rarely measure whether these new recruits have the personality or behaviours which match the Brand Promise, resulting in low staff retention, unhappy customers and lost business opportunities.
  • Brand DNATM Brand Personality Profile (BPP) allows organisations to recruit staff who are totally aligned to the culture, vision and values of the Brand by enabling corporate HR departments to create job descriptions which fully incorporate the Brand Promise.  Therefore, only those candidates who match the Brand behaviours and BPP will be attracted to these recruiting campaigns, thus significantly reducing the number and quality of poor applicants.
  • The BPP also allows HR professionals and Line Managers to measure the correct person for the Brand by using the Brand DNATM Personality and Body Language Inventory (PBLI) during the competency interviewing stage. Body Language is key to recruiting the right people for the Brand and our PBLI will provide the basics of Body Language recognition and train users in how to recognise whether the first and last impression matches the Brand Promise. The information provided by the BPP also provides an understanding of the correct body language that should be displayed by candidates throughout the interview and to measure motivation against the Brand Promise.
  • The choice of, use and evaluation of the correct psychometric tests to measure the personality traits highlighted by the Brand Personality Profile (BPP).

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