Management & Leadership Development Experience

As experienced Executive Coaches and Trainers, we specialise in providing a High-Challenge/High-Support methodology to our clients. We work with CEOs and senior management – in both the public and private sectors – who are under pressure to project complete competence and confidence in the decisions they are required to make. In our work, we challenge the client’s assumptions, their standard decision making processes and the actions which stem from these processes.

We assist them to develop alternative perspectives which then lead to improved decisions and more efficient and effective results through confidence building exercises, leadership skill training and communications development to improve the delivery and understanding of required decision messages. We are also skilled at transferring this High-Challenge/High-Support approach to the training room, allowing us to challenge current management practices and encourage new learning to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

The basis for all of our work is the development of a secure and trusting relationship with the client – built on rapport, integrity and confidentiality – within which challenge can be delivered and accepted safely. As part of our contracting process we offer support to groups, ask that they support each other and also ask permission at the start to be challenging with the view to support their learning and development of new approaches.

The use of Interactive TheatreTM allows for high challenge in a safe environment, as the trainee is not on display or under pressure as in traditional role-play.

We are aware that promoting behaviour change may meet with resistance, and we work with trainees, individually and in groups, to overcome whatever fears or pressures they may feel.

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