High Challenge/High Support™ Coaching


  • One to One Executive and Business Coaching
  • Group and Team Coaching
  • Client-led or themed on specific topics
  • Follow-up 360 feedback supported by psychometric testing

The UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel Management reports that 90% of companies (sample of 500) use coaching, while 51% ‘consider coaching as a key part of learning development’ and ‘crucial to their strategy’.

As experienced Executive and Business Coaches, we specialise in providing a High-Challenge/High-SupportTM coaching methodology to our clients. This methodology is solution-focused and centres on setting compelling and relevant goals and the focused attainment of these goals over a short period of time. It is underpinned by insights from neuroscience and centres on decision action and learning from processes.  Our coaching is, therefore, issues based – our goal is to equip participants with skills they can immediately apply to real time situations. We regularly facilitate management and skills training on live issues and often challenging contexts and we have the skills to recognize, diffuse and constructively build on emotional responses and challenges.

We are skilled and experienced in setting goals at the level of the Organisation – in conjunction with stakeholders – as well as the level of the individual. Where organisational goals are pre-set, we ensure that we have a clear understanding of these goals and how our contribution will support their achievement. We also ensure that an individual’s professional goals are aligned with the Organisation’s strategy and values, are aspirational, attainable, and appropriately resourced and supported. When it comes to development goals, we additionally ensure that these goals support a wider vision, such as job performance improvements, enhanced qualifications, significant career growth and new business development, as measured by our evaluation framework.

The basis for all of our work is the development of a secure and trusting relationship with each individual client – built on rapport, integrity and confidentiality – within which challenge can be delivered and accepted safely.

Having established this relationship of trust, we are then able to challenge our clients’ assumptions, their standard decision making processes and current management practices and the actions which stem from these processes. We assist them to develop alternative perspectives, which then lead to improved decisions and more efficient and effective results through confidence building exercises, leadership skill training and communications development to improve the delivery and understanding of required decision messages.

We work extensively with highly successful professionals – in both the public and private sectors – including CEOs, senior academics, City high-fliers and corporate senior and middle management who are under pressure to project complete competence and confidence in the decisions they are required to make. We engage with them by demonstrating credibility, balance and respect for their intelligence and achievements while creating the understanding that they may still have learning needs and professional/career issues which can be changed and improved.

NDC’s High-Challenge/High-SupportTM methodology formed the foundation for the Cancer in the Workplace programme our Managing Director designed and delivered in conjunction with Macmillan Cancer Support.

We delivered group coaching for line managers and HR staff on supporting staff with cancer while maintaining the integrity of their workplace teams. This was a particularly challenging and emotive topic and we developed effective methods for facilitating learning in a setting where for some participants these were live issues either in their professional or personal lives. We diffused emotional issues through information on prevalence. We supported an understanding that processes and skills were already in place and regularly used in a different context (pregnancy and maternity) and we encouraged trainees to evaluate their own skill sets to determine how their skills could be transferred and applied in various different contexts.

Our Managing Director holds an MBA in Organisational Psychology and Communications and is an ICF qualified Business and Executive Coach. He has an extensive coaching practice, providing Executive and Group coaching at varying levels of seniority, with substantial experience of working with senior leaders in both the public and private sectors. In addition, all of NDC’s Executive and Business Coaches hold recognised qualifications and are highly experienced in our High Challenge/High SupportTM coaching methodology.

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