Quality Assurance

New Directions Coaching Ltd. is committed to ensuring that the coaching, training and facilitation services which we provide to clients meet the highest quality standards

We employ the Benchmarking Tool for Quality Assurance in European Training Institutes (www.bequal.info), which is line with the CQAF (Common quality assurance framework) Process model. BEQUAL is specific to the Vocational Education and Training sector.

This consists of four levels of quality assurance

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Review

This process allows stakeholder, customer and self-evaluation at each of the four levels via meetings, surveys and impact groups. This process ensures consistency, risk analysis and a review of the programme to date, resulting in the achievement of the organisation’s objectives.

Part of our quality assurance process is the 6 Measure Impact Report evaluation methodology, which we use to assess impact for the client as well as our own quality purposes.

Our quality assurance is rooted in our academic and professional qualifications, which underpin the delivery of our interventions. We use a number of structured interventions, and therefore, our clients can be assured of their robust nature.

As accredited tutors of CMI programmes, the team have demonstrated the appropriate processes of quality assurance in order to be able to deliver nationally accredited qualifications.

Through our varied professional memberships we keep up to date with developments within our respective fields and carry out CPD ensuring best practice is delivered.

Our coaches undergo supervision which challenges their assumptions and ensures that they are using the most appropriate approach and methodology. We regularly seek feedback for all projects – both during and afterwards for quality assurance purposes.

February 2013 (revised)

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