Brand Development & Diversification

brandingBuilding brand value is a continuous process activated by delivering on your promises. A strong brand is built when customer expectations are exceeded by the customer experience and your employees are mobilised behind your brand. This establishes trust and loyalty from your customers, generates employee pride and creates value.

We help develop brands that consistently deliver on their promise by focussing on:


Successful brand positioning establishes how you want your brand to be perceived  by your target markets and provides compelling consumer motivators to achieve this.

  • What is the core idea that gives you a point of competitive advantage?
  • What do you want to stand for?
  • How do you want to be described by your customers?


Strong brands know what they represent. They have a distinctive visual identity and tone of voice. They speak clearly to people in consistent and graphic words and images.

A strong brand identity embodies the positioning of your brand. NDC’s brand identity systems are rooted in a strategic methodology which will distinguish you from the competition and build customer loyalty.


People make a vital contribution to building a brand through their day-to-day behaviours. Every interaction between customers and corporate staff – from how the telephone is answered to the speed and quality of service – is an opportunity to build or erode your brand.

Through culture audits and the development of a Brand vision, culture and values framework we will align what you say with what you do to build a stronger reputation for your company.


It not always the strongest that survive but the species that has the ability to adapt  – Charles Darwin

In an ever-changing global market and with constant advances in technology, companies, individuals, brands and services must be able to adapt. NDC have years of experience in building brands by diversifying products into other sectors for business growth. Taking ‘countline’ confectionary into both the chiller and frozen sector, moving the automotive industry into the household goods and lifestyle sectors and assisting in the creation of new products or services in the financial sector to develop new revenue streams are only a few of the examples of NDC’s successes.

NDC can help you define and develop the opportunities to keep you ahead of the curve by:

  • Identifying how your brands and services can be positioned to attract new customers.
  • Identifying and targeting new product sectors or line extensions.
  • Facilitating ‘Blue Sky’ conceptual workshops to enhance existing business offers.
  • Identifying, training and developing your greatest asset – your employees.

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